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Barbie Doll, Hitler and Harry Potter in 5 mins September 10, 2010

Posted by Mukundhan in Geography of Accident, History of Incident.

Read this article in the hindu…


and wrote this in the next 5 mins 🙂

America and Germany went head on in the II World War and it is believed that at the end of it, Hitler died on April 30, 1945. Elsewhere at about the same time, US President Mr. Jimmy Carter had a son Jack Carter. Jack Carter was sent to school and had normal education. One fine day, Mr. Carter finds a book in the library “I, Doll Father : An Autobiography of Ruth Handler” The change in gender in the title of the book raises suspicion and Mr. Carter reads the book from page to page…gets engrossed in the elements of the book only to find in the end that “I doll father” rearranges to “Adolf Hitler” …

What is the connection between “Ruth handler” the inventor of Barbie and Adolf Hitler??

What impact does this book have on Jimmy Carter’s presidential race??

Is Hitler alive?

Who is John Galt??

To find the answers, read

“Jimmy carter : The Presidential Throne” (has no connection with HArry Potter : The Sorceres Stone” except for the rhyming)


Me : U know ..u can always build a story that post world war, Hitler performed a sex change operation. The female version of Hitler was called Ruth..” Before world war, he was a “Ruth-less handler”..now re-christened to “Ruth Handler”

Iswarya Murali : Ruth was his secret girlfriend.. And Barbie was modeled after their love child.. Adolf Hit on Her.


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