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Breaking News: Ramanan, Director – Chennai Meteorological Department Sacked September 10, 2010

Posted by Mukundhan in Ball Games, The happy depression.

The Indian Meteorological Department, Bombay (IMDb) today announced that Mr. Ramanan would no longer assume the position of Director, Regional Meteorological Centre, Chennai. “This move has been initiated as per the directives received from the Ministry of External Affairs” said a chief IMDb spokesperson.

Though unclear, sources believe misinterpretation of Mr. Ramanan’s statement “The Puyol has weakened” by the German Football Team, which eventually resulted in their exit from the World Cup, has strained the diplomatic relationship between the two countries. Minister of External Affairs, Mr. S.M. Krishna was unavailable for comment.

“He is shattered. This is like a cyclone, he just dint see it coming” said a close friend of Mr. Ramanan.
Mr. Ramanan addressed the media in the later half of the day. “I feel let down. I have predicted rain and cyclones for you all these years and in reply no one mentioned that a bad storm was coming” he said in an emotional statement. Agitations condemning Mr. Ramanan’s sacking were carried out by Student Associations across Tamil Nadu. “Now who would postpone semester exams and declare holidays on a bright and sunny day” questioned a frustrated student

"I did predict a Loew Depression" claims Ramanan (not in picture)

Mr. Ramanan has apparently received offers in positions as Weather Reporter in various south Indian TV Channels. “His apparent ease in front of the camera is a rare skill. He could have improved the IMDb rating had he stayed. Their loss, our gain” claimed a correspondent of a famous TV Network.

Meanwhile, agents of Octopus Paul have forwarded the resume of the eight legged creature to Indian Met. Dept for the position now left void by Mr. Ramanan. “The success rate of the octopus makes it a clear front runner for the job”, said an agent. However, the Indian Government is not rushing into a conclusion on this front. “A Paul-it Bureau has been formed to weigh the pros and cons of the move and a decision would soon be taken” say Government sources.

Note from the author: My sincerest apologies to fans of Mrs. Mandira Bedi. She has always been part of articles (like this) on sports. However, the ban on smoking in public places imposed by the Health Ministry has contributed to BEDI’s absence from the post!!



1. Jaichand - October 11, 2013

please Do not write such Scarps that Ramanan is Sacked. Why you people want to Joke on him. India is a Tropical Country and it is Extremely difficult to Predict the weather.. Please write on Politicians in India, not on Good People like him.

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