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Commonwealth Games: Row over Catering Contract creates North – South Divide September 10, 2010

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(By Mukundhan who believes there is nothing better than South Indian Cuisine to add spice to the CWG)

With the Queen’s Baton underway, Suresh Kalmadi would have predicted a smooth sailing to the start of the Commonwealth Games scheduled to start in October. But it was not to be.

Veteran South Indian Actor, Delhi Ganesan has filed a case in the Supreme Court to get a stay order for the Commonwealth Games. The CWG committee had earlier disqualified the actor’s bid to provide catering services during the commonwealth games and this seems to have angered him. The committee had quoted disqualification on grounds of no relevant experience. “Have they not seen me in Michel Madhana Kamarajan or Aaha”, questioned Delhi Ganesh angrily. “My bid went with Letter of Recommendation from Arusuvai Natrajan and Subham Ganesan. This is a disgrace to them and the entire South Indian Community”

Velu Nayakar reacts after being told that he would’nt get Kothavaranga Kootu in Commonwealth games

Crazy Mohan reacted strongly against the CWG Committee. “Kootu Kalavaniga” he said slyly punning on the expected absence of the popular south Indian dish in the CWG menu.

“DELHI Ganesan can’t cook in Delhi? Reminds me of the time when I couldn’t rent a house in Vietnam inspite of having acted in Vietnam Veedu” said Padmini making her presence felt in the media after a long time.

“Idhu seri illa.. ye teek nahi hai” (This is not right. My walking stick is not made of Teak) laments Major Sundarrajan

“The CAUSE of this rift is the differential treatment. It is a SIN and creates a negative impact” commented a maths professor who happens to be Delhi Ganesh’s neighbour in KK Nagar. Sources mention that the mention of differential treatment has also gotten Dr. Gregory House interested in the proceedings of the case.

Meanwhile, South Indian Film Chamber has decided to send Mr. Major Sundarrajan to hold talks with the CWG Committee and resolve the issue. “I will go talk to them. Mein Kaafi baath karega” said the Major leaving the people around confused. “Has the major added a new language to his repertoire? Or is he talking about the program Coffee with Karan??” wondered a reporter who attended the media briefing.

The micro-blogging space has also been flooding with reports of injustice meted out to the south Indian actor. Krish Ashok has vowed to intensify his Amit campaign while Anand Ramachandran has set his energies towards developing a video game for the north Indians where rasam would be served in banana leaf and the gamers would be required to stop the liquid from flowing out.

In related news: Sadagoppan Ramesh has blamed the south Indian media for not generating the same response when he was dropped from the Indian Cricket Team.


1. Venkataraman Ramachandran - September 22, 2010

Nice one. Do visit my blog =) http://mightyindiandream.blogspot.com/

2. Harish - September 28, 2010

Haha! Bery punny I say!

3. Goutam - November 15, 2010

That rasam stopping game was awesome!!! Sooper work!! 😀

4. dagalti - December 16, 2010

//where rasam would be served in banana leaf and the gamers would be required to stop the liquid from flowing out.// LOL Good one

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