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Posted by Mukundhan in Ball Games.

While Cricket Pundits, Ex-cricketers, Commentators, Models and Sidhu sat in the studio discussing cricket (as they know it), Ustad Zakir Hussain delivered a stunner. The Indian Tabala Maestro sued ICC over copyright violations. The brand ambassador of Taj Mahal Tea is believed to have been disappointed and angered by the lack of any advertisements featuring him or the Taj Mahal in the ICC T20 World Cup that just concluded. “Firstly this format of cricket should be called Tea20” he said and went on to state how Tea was an integral part of Test Cricket, subsequently ending each sentence with “Waah Taj” for no apparent reason. These developments also meant a temporary suspension of the celebrations of the English Team, winners of the edition of the World Cup in question. Supporting this suspension, Kris Srikkanth said “It’s a well CALCULATED move. After all it is coming from a tea-TOTALLER” he said and exchanged the trademark grin with the reporter who asked him to repeat the same in Hindi.

“The English have never got anything good out of any tea parties, be it the Boston Tea Party or the Dilmah Tea Party” mentioned some cricket historian, whose name remains vague by virtue of him stating accurate facts.

Nasser Hussain suggested that the team needs to learn from the experiences in the tournament and hire Mr. Ramanan (Chennai Met. Dept) to help them with the weather, and thereby the Duckworth Lewis targets in the future. “The depression in the Atlantic has resulted in the ducks migrating to different locations” he said sincerely trying to understand but clearly misunderstanding the DL system and also slyly referring to the secret behind least number of duck outs by the English Batsmen in the tournament.

In other related news: British Airways, the worst hit by the Iceland Volcano, has sued Andrew Strauss for his statement “We would give it our all to retain the ashes”


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