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Nahi Ki is a major sportswear and equipment supplier based in Chennai. It is the Chennai’s leading supplier of shoes and apparel and tenders to the population that runs its living on a SHOE-string budget. As of 2010, it employs more than 3000 people across temples and public gatherings in Chennai. Nahi Ki also features in the Mis-Fortune 500 Companies List.

The company is the brain child of Silra Singaaram, Head of Vadapalani Beggar’s Society for Colossally Rich and Inordinately Poor Tramps (Refraining from using the acronym since it has rubbed a sizeable chunk of the IT industry the wrong way).

Im not suffering from withdrawal symptoms claims Silra Singaaram

The company boasts of a supply chain integrated over 80 temples in and around Chennai. “While dealing with the volumes that we do, it doesn’t take much effort to slip one of the many slippers that the pilgrims leave each day” says an employee of the company, immediately following that up with “Did I say that aloud” and turning pale on the FOOT in mouth moment.

“The greatest challenge is for a FOOTwear company to sell stuff second HAND” chuckles Silra Singaram who sheepishly says he has been through all walks of life and knows what footwear is required for each stage of the walk.

The introduction of Nahi Ki in the market is set to dent the prospects of other footwear retailers in the locality. “I beg to differ” says Adhi Das slyly indicating that even he might look at the begging strategy to make headway in the industry.

Meanwhile the marketing manager of Nahi Ki mentioned that the company is planning to expand its operations to other cities and the intentions of establishing Strategic Business Units in Tirupathi and Palani. Clearly a move towards the company’s mission of “Touching every sole in the country”


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