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Why Life Sucks September 10, 2010

Posted by Mukundhan in Filaasafee.

Neils Bohr, in one of his boring experiments found that Lithium had destructive tendencies towards every other element. To make aMENDs, he requested Dmitri to LEAVE a message in the periodic table (yes, historians believe he got his surname after this incident) …So Dmitri Mendeleev apparently classified Lithium as ALL-KALI. Rearden(of Atlas Shrugged fame), though, did not see the warning. In order to create a new metal, mixed Iron and Lithium. This apparently gave a porous metal. Not quite sure about the accuracy of the information, but theoretical chemists believe that this is the reason why LIFE (Li +Fe) sucks


1. mayank - December 12, 2010

kadavule! hahaha enna kodumayaana thinking saar idhu. LOL

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