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2G Spectrum Scam: Congress forces Yuvan Shankar Raja to resign November 13, 2010

Posted by Mukundhan in Aatai Podradhu, G: Gravity of the Situation, Padam aka Plim, Recession of the Depression.

Disclaimer: Post strictly for people well versed with the Tamil Film Industry.

The Congress Government, known for its tactical bent to deflect any charges against its members, is at it again. Reacting to the 2G Scam and widespread agitation demanding the suspension of Mr. Raja, the Congress top brass is believed to have suspended music director Yuvan Shankar Raja from all his duties. The South Indian Film Chamber today received an official correspondence from the ruling party confirming this development. “After thorough investigations on the matter, it is believed that the basis of the 2G Scam started in the movie 7G Rainbow Colony. The Congress Government demands that Mr. Yuvan Shankar Raja, who played to the tune in the movie, to be suspended from all duties with immediate effect”, read out Varadharajan, who was happy to be back in the film circuit with his usual news-reading role. “This is dedicated to Mr. K.Balachander” he added leaving everyone confused on whether the famous director had anything to do with the 2G Scam or was the news-reader just thanking his mentor in the film industry.

Yuvan Shankar Raja was shattered on hearing the news and was unavailable for comment. The musician suffered another blow as Vijaikanth, referred to as the Captain of the Tamil Film Industry, too ruled out any support. “Spectrum and Rainbow. 2G and 7G. The evidences are all stacked against him. All this would not have happened had they been the true Tamilan and named the movie in Tamil”, he said. Meanwhile the CBI has linked up with Escape Cinemas to review a few movies in relation to the 2G Scam. “They have directed us to screen G (Ajit Starrer), Saarpu SarpuG (Song from Va Quarter Cutting) and G3 (Golmaal 3). Tickets for the first movie will not be a problem, but the other two being new releases, the CBI needs to do advanced booking through thecinema.in. In Satyam Cinemas, we don’t give preferential treatment” said an employee of the most coveted multiplex in South India. “We have already approached a few IT Professionals and College students who have what it takes to get those tickets. Ironically, there will be no Escape”, said a CBI Spokesman.

“A-Raja-gam”, lamented an AIADMK MLA who has now been nominated for a training course with tamilmatrimony.com on fixing alliances. Raja on the other hand was cool and composed now that the issue has been diverted to unrelated frontiers. When asked if he would step down, he chuckled “No. I would rather stay in the back foot and play a Sehwag style cut shot”. Psychologists and other experts who have been reviewing the “cool as a cucumber” behaviors of Mr. Raja concluded that his technical expertise in the matter is what is instilling confidence in him. “Apparently being tech SAVVY is the KEY to success #TamilPun. Mr. Raja does just that” tweeted one of the experts.

Meanwhile, in more bizarre incidents, Shiv Nadar, Chairman of HCL Technologies, continuing on his philanthropic ventures, has decided to donate 10% of the 2G Spectrum losses back to the government. Apparently it took all of SSN College Alumni, now doing MBA Finance in IIMs to pitch in and tell him that you distribute percentage of profit to people and not loss. Lessons on profit and loss by these IIM grads seem to have instilled new found interest in Accounts for the students of the engineering. “How do college students do accounts?? Men-tally”, chuckled a student in his final year engineering. 2G=2*9.8 = 19.6, I wonder how people reported a 17.6Lakh Crore loss, wondered another student trying to combine his accounting and scientific prowess.

In other totally unrelated news: Flop of Action Replaay, a more primitive technology (in Eastman colour) has prompted ICC to reconsider its Umpire Decision Review System, which requires more technological developments.



1. Geethan - November 13, 2010

Dint expect a 2G = 2*9.8 reference! 😀 Awesome ji!!

2. Mrudula Aaduru - November 13, 2010

Rotfl @the connection bringing Santhana Bharathi into the equation.. 😀

3. Karthik Chidambaram - November 13, 2010

Isn’t g = 9.8 and not G? Brilliant! 🙂 Especially Satyam theatre and Shiv Nadar photo comparison.

Mukundhan - November 14, 2010

Aah..With talks abt the CAPtain and all that, forgot to take off the CAPS lock

4. Vinod Marke - November 13, 2010

i dont understand this article. Can somebody please explain to me? What is 2G scam spectrum and what it has to do with Yuvan?

Mukundhan - November 14, 2010

Vinod, you’ll need to know a thing or two about #fakingnews

5. Sriram - November 13, 2010

Manivannan is a better doppelganger than Santhana Bharathi

Mukundhan - November 14, 2010

Manivannan without a little hair growth, yes!!

6. hantan - November 14, 2010

semma kalai.. enjoyed the whole post.. that dopplegangers thing was terrific 😀

7. babjee - February 17, 2011

what a thing!! You rock!! We used to play ‘spin the wheel’ during our school days.. but this is insane interwoven cool nonsense in a cohesive linear sense… southerners would understand and all will appreciate..

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