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Sun Pictures gets stay order for release of “127 hours” in India November 22, 2010

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Danny Boyle, well known English filmmaker, might well have lost his love for India. The academic award winning director, it is believed, has been enraged by one of the biggest production houses of South India, the Sun Pictures. The production house has obtained a stay order for the release of Danny’s latest venture “127 hours” in India. It is believed that Danny’s refusal to allow the South Indian Production giant to distribute the movie in India has resulted in this roadblock for the director.  

Sources say that representatives of Sun Pictures met Danny way back in May offering to distribute his movie “127 hours” in India, an offer that Danny refused immediately. “They did not understand the plot of the movie. Just because the movie is based in the mountains, they wanted to name it KAL-ki Kahani (K3). It did not sound inviting enough. I might have considered it had they named it K12. It would have at-least symbolized that I am at the peak of my career”, lamented Danny Boyle.

Kalanidhi Maran said the move was made with a socialistic motive. “Our honorable Chief Minister will be distributing Saris and Dhotis to the people this Pongal. Staying with the tradition of the party, I want to distribute the 127 hours to the time deprived GenNext of India” said Kalanidhi Maran. “They can now use this time to watch our offerings in Sun Direct”, he added clearly showing his acumen to integrate processes in the Entertainment Value chain.    

"Cho Ramaswamy explains to Karunanidhi how naming the Danny Boyle movie Kalki would encourage the middle class tambrams (who provide continuous patronage for the book by the name) to go trekking

“Lesser the volume of your crew, greater is the pressure from other sources. Boyle, of all people should have realized this inverse proportionality”, commented a chemistry teacher from Arpudharaj Matriculation Higher Secondary School. “So this is what everything in South India Boyles down to, is it?” wondered one of his students.

“I don’t understand Danny’s apprehension towards the suggested name. Kalki is a renowned writer in this part of the world and not sporting his name is not going to help with his movie reviews” commented Cho Ramaswamy. Though, Dr. Rajendra Prasad & Yuhi Sethu both disagreed to Mr. Cho’s comments. “Taking a 127 hours movie in 93 minutes signifies relative time in the time-space continuum” quoted Dr. Rajendra Prasad stressing that the prefix to his name is indeed because of his scholarly knowledge. “Yes, Danny swept the Oscars under the red carpet with his Slumdog Millionaire. Time-space continuum with 127 hours would have been a smooth drive down to the Royal Swedish Academy of Science to receive a Nobel or two” agreed Yuhi Sethu, depicting the sweep and the drive as he mentioned those words in his sentence. “Talking of drives and sweeps, if Anjum Chopra played an on-drive, would it be renamed a Pen Drive” he chuckled clearly making his pitch to Vijay TV for restarting his TV Series ”Yuhi udan World Cup” before the cricket edition next year.

As a ripple effect to the entire incident, the FBI has initiated investigations on the monopoly of movie distribution that seem to be developing in South India.  In what is believed to be an under-cover operation, agents would attach themselves to the crew of the movie to carry out investigations. Officials in the Indian Intelligence System are not very optimistic about the success of the operation though. “Danny Crew or Nancy Drew”, wondered a retired RAW officer from Chennai while warming up to crack a different anagram in his Sunday Hindu Crossword.

Would ARR be just playing the music for the Nobel Laureates this year or would he be one of the Laureates, only time would tell!!

In related news: Madan Lal has been approached to provide commentary for the Director’s cut of the movie. Everyone who expected Geoff might as well Boycott the movie.


1. nmaha - November 23, 2010

Wow! spot-on with entertainment politics and funny! Made me laugh out loud at work (could you get into trouble for that?).

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