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Afraid of honorifics, girl students decide to remain single December 13, 2010

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In a bizarre turn of events, Indian girls pursuing MS in the USA have decided to remain single. Strangely, the reason seems to be a reluctance to change their honorific . “We spent two years surviving on breads and subs to get an Ms. Why should we end up being called Mrs. “demanded a student who also happens to be an active member of the Girls Ordeal Omission Forum – University of Philadelphia (GOOF – UP)
The problem culminated from Florida, said the chief spokesman of the CIA (Centre for Inaccurate Assumptions). Reliable sources say the root of the problem lies with a one Ms. Srividhya Bhuvaneswari* (MS). She is believed to have received permission to pursue a PhD recently. Her facebook status that followed “What would I be called if I get married post completion of my PhD? Dr. Mrs. Sri. Ms???” seems to have created this frenzy among all US colleges.
Forbes listed “Miss you” as the most used words in a text message recently. The ratings of the word might go down if people have to replace it with “Mrs. You” or “Dr. You” said Chief AT&T Laboratories.
While the move garnered support from various avenues, it seemed to have obviously angered the guys from these colleges. One of the signs in the recent “We need the HP final movie soon” rally read:
“Sirius Black – Potter’s Godfather;
Sri is Blank, alas new worlds order!!!”
Amidst all this frenzy, a group of experts have been gathering data of similar tyranny across the globe to arrive at an amicable solution. Available data on MS Viswanathan, MS Dhoni and MS Subbulakshmi have been collected to know how they dealt with the name. This case study http://www.bosey.co.in/2008/03/government-awards-padmashri-to-shri.html was also taken up. But the studies have failed to produce any concrete results yet.
Bottomline: Why so Sri-ous??!!
* – Name not changed as there is no confidentiality at stake.  This post is dedicated to Ms. Srividhya Bhuvaneswari


1. Gradwolf - December 13, 2010

Hahaha super awesome, especially the CIA (Centre for Inaccurate Assumptions)!

2. Aparna - December 17, 2010

LOL!!! that was awesome

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