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Oz-Kay-Ode December 26, 2010

Posted by Mukundhan in Ball Games.

(Written by Srihari Radhakrishnan, during the days we blogged together for Corporate Kathrikka Times)

Date: Feb 2, 2039 AD

Place: Tasmanian Recording Studios, Hobart

Name of Band: Kink Boyd

Band Members: Daniel Vettori aged 60 & Ricky Ponting aged 65

Name of Single: Sigh, Dopes! (Commemorating the 30 year anniversary of Brad Haddin’s ingenious ploy to dismiss New Zealand batsman Broom)

<Track begins with a the sound of a bell reverberating across the walls of the studio >

<Dan starts off, in his deep booming voice>

Beyond the horizon was a pitch that was laid when we were young

In a world of fags, bets and debacles

Our bats flayed constantly, but without boundary

The ringing of the Law Revision bell had begun

Along the wrong road and on down the toss-way

Do they still cheat there by the cut

There was a dogged stand that wallowed in our sooty steps

Leaving before I took their dreams away

Leaving the myriad small creatures crying to tie us to the ground

To a strife consumed by blows and decay

<Now Ricky takes over>

The draws were cleaner

The fights were tighter

The haste was neater

The nights of blunder

With pants all hounded

The darn fist blowing

The laughter slowing

The endless shiver

Forever and ever

<Long and melancholic guitar solo lasting 5:43. As the solo ends, the sound of bells fades away>

<Vettori makes a break for the exit, and runs towards Ponting’s giant two-wheeler. The song ends with Ponting yelling.>

Hey! My Harley! Hello! That’s my Harley! Damn!

Exclusive: Album cover of Sigh, Dopes!

Brad Haddin's bail out din't really help the Aussies overcome the Recession!!


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