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Kapil Sibal gets caught at (a) Silly Point!! February 11, 2011

Posted by Mukundhan in Ball Games, Paalitics & Bijiness, Unintentional Subject References.

Warning: Still rusty from the break in blogging. Pliss to excuse mediocrity!

Students in Chennai today staged a demonstration against the Minister of Human Resource Development, Mr. Kapil Sibal. The apparent overlap in schedules of the ICC World Cup with the State Board Examinations in Tamil Nadu, and the minister being non-responsive to the petitions submitted for postponement of the examinations has been attributed to the frenzy. “In the month of ODIs, who needs Tests”, commented a student amidst chants of “ODI Po” directed at the minister.

The state law enforcement department was taken aback by these demonstrations. “The Chennai crowd is supposedly the most disciplined of the lot. We did not expect this”, said a senior police official. Yuhi Sethu, ace South-Indian Media Representative disagreed though. “The Chennai crowd is two faced. The people who gave a standing ovation for Pakistan were the same ones who named the street Che-Pak”, he said enforcing his eye for detail that he had donned since his Ramana days.

Kapil Sibal, meanwhile, in an attempt to respond strongly, rubbished the demands of the students and pledged to remove any force that deters education in India. As a follow up measure, the minister even banned Pink Floyd in India for their outburst “We don’t need no education”.

Sibal tries to get into a-chord as recent developments have landed him in deep waters!!

The move by the minister, though bold, added fuel to the fire and prompted college students into joining the rally against him. “Does he know that any object, wholly or partially immersed in Waters, is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight (gethu) of Waters??” lamented a student of IIT Chennai. “This is outrageous. He took a dig at Newton when he started investigating the spectrum. Now he thinks he can mess in principle with Archimedes?? We wouldn’t let that happen” vowed another college graduate.

Leader of the opposition, Mr. Advani, when questioned on the developments, smiled sheepishly and murmured “Eureka!”. “Rekha? Where!!”  jumped an excited Big B before being grounded by Jaya while the junior Bachan wondered if “U-Rekha” would have been a better catch phrase than “Get Idea”.

In other related developments: Buddadeb Bhattacharya has passed an order restraining the band Eagles from performing in India as he believes the band’s album “The long road out of Eden” instigated the ICC towards passing the order against the ground.


1. Srihari - February 11, 2011

Aah. Spice after a laaang time!

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