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Murdock blames Maran for News of the World Shutdown July 12, 2011

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By Mukundhan, who is in a Pun-de-mournium (agitated state of being devoid of puns). Pliss to excuse the repeat puns!

In a startling revelation, Rupert Murdoch today blamed the Additional Deputy Leader of DMK and ex Communication and IT Minister, Dayanidhi Maran for the fall of “News of the World” (NoW). The media mogul addressing a press conference after the disgraceful fall of his favorite newspaper accepted to the allegations of phone-hacking but mentioned that the issue would have not snow-bowled into this crisis had they stayed clear of the 323 phone lines held by the ex-South Indian Minister. “We tapped a line that was barred. Now we are paying a price. After-all bar is a code #tamilpun” he mentioned trying to win an audience with the south Indians. “How were we supposed to know? 323 is not even a prime number” cried out an anguished employee who is believed to have carried out the mathematical modeling for the phone tapping. “This is what happens when you employ more than one hacker to create bugs in a line. It becomes a “हमbugproclaimed a South-Indian hacker currently jailed for bugging Mr. Pranab Mukherjee’s office. It is also believed that in a related development, renowned director and cinematographer K.V.Anand is also being investigated for his alleged involvement in the incidents which is ec’ko’ing the sentiments of all journalists across the world.

Dayanidhi Maran was unavailable for comment, while DMK Supremo, Mr. M. Karunanidhi mentioned that he had more serious issues to worry about like the sorry state of most of his party members in Tihar. Disgruntled by the state of affairs, he mentioned that he is ready to launch an anti-hindi protest all over again to protect the interest of most Tamilians in the New Delhi prison. “The curd was sour and my daughter asked the warden to make more #tamil. He apparently stood there with another cup of curd”, claimed the dis-heartened and slightly sentimental ex-CM and said he took namkeen from Sri Krishna Sweets to help Kanimozhi balance the taste of the sour curd. Suresh Kalmadi, also re-iterated to the sad state of linguistic affairs in the prison. “Even English is not understood properly here. I said “come here” to the jail superintendent and he ended up serving me less snacks than usual during out usual tea break”, he said. “It is quite an in-cell-t” commented Raja who is expecting that his other longtime friends from down south would soon give him company in the prison.

In related news: Actor Surya has moved to court against all the excessive investigative “Jo”urnalism

In totally unrelated news: Congress mastermind a musical quiz comprising of songs deva flicked from the Telugu film industry to tackle the growing fury in Andhra. The program is supposedly going to be named “Tell-en-gana”



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