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‘P’J July 13, 2011

Posted by Mukundhan in kaduppetharaan my laardu, Padam aka Plim.

Plaha! Pitching on a pressing problem is a player posted as both Punjabi and Poet by web’s popular pages. This paleness, plagued by poor planning, is perdition of personal priorities, now punished, perished. However, the paajis with their privy paraphernalia stand persistent and have promised pranks that would pave way for prime preaching policies putting personnel from their painful and perennial pile of problems. The only provision is procrastination, a postponement plied as a polymorphism, the proof of precision of which shall one day reduce predicament of the precious and the priveleged. Proudly, the phonetic plethora of postulations prowls so profound, so let me clarify that the post isn’t about pushing the players to the physio’s purview but more about putting them through their peak quandary of pleading to Pee!!

PS: The author has always wondered what players do if they wanted a quick bathroom break!!

PJ of the day:

Q: What did the twitter fanatic, chemistry loving blogger tell his followers about his take on V for Vendetta?

A; PV = RT


1. hantan - July 16, 2011

Of all the variants of that V for vendatta dialog i ve read, this one is the best.. 🙂 super da..

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