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Adetail and the art of declaration! January 5, 2012

Posted by Mukundhan in Ball Games, Geography of Accident, History of Incident.

While the wider sports fraternity and the media welcomed the decision of AIPS to honor Dhoni as the first cricketer to get the fair play award, certain associations like BONGU (Bengal Origins Nurturing Gully-cricket Unfairness) termed the felicitation a farce and an outright ignorance of Gully Cricket Principles. Terming Dhoni’s reaction as nothing but a simple act of following the rule book, the chief secretary of the association expressed concerns over the drop in morale of various street cricketers who have, in line with the regulations of gully cricket, given their opponents many “osi gaajis”.

“If at all there is a deserving candidate for this award, it has got to be our ex-chairman, Sourav Ganguly” mentioned a representative from BONGU as he went on to say “how Dada batted left handed all his career, in line with the tradition of gully cricket, to ensure balance between the teams at the international level”.


Aruna Sairam, known for her skill of delivering in tracks down under, recommended that the Indian bowlers pitch it up a little”

The committee has gone on to even hypothesize gully cricket rules as an alternative to the present ICC rules that is drawing a lot of flak. “While there are rules like extra life favoring the batsmen, there are also rules like a wicket when you get the batsmen beaten thrice or the batsman hits the ball out of the ground twice. There is no other rule book that puts bowlers and batsmen on level ground. As a matter of fact, gully cricket puts more batsmen and bowlers on the same ground” said one of the budding cricketers at Somasundaram ground before being chided by a group of people for fielding their ball by mistake.

Kris Srikkanth welcomed the suggestion and mentioned that the gully cricket rule book remains one of the most under-rated historic anecdotes and that its high-time someone gave it its due. It is believed that a copy paste + customization routine by a consultant appointed by Jefferson on this certain reference in the rule book resulted in one of the most powerful English sentences in history.

“We hold these rules to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their fellow cricketer with certain unalienable rights, two numbers of free-lefts, one life (osi gaaji) and liberty of free trials for his pursuit of Happiness” Rule 14, Gully Cricket Rule Book,300 BC”

However, Jagajaljeera Times found no references to support this claim.

The ICC was silent on the whole issue, however, sources close to Haroon Lorgat claim that the ICC are seriously considering options like captains picking teams before matches in T20 matches to avoid issues around auctions and “kuniyavechu” batting order finalisations.


1. nalini - January 5, 2012

super pa. pichchi odaritte. enna gnanam . hats off thalaiva

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