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Frequent Outages! April 5, 2012

Posted by Mukundhan in 1/4 ball, Unintentional Subject References.

“Distance dhaan problem” said Vadivelu in this legendary piece many years ago. Over the last few months, TN Government has been facing the wrath of that distance from Delhi, the ‘Power’ Centre. Reeling under acute power shortage, the Government has spent days brainstorming to come up with an answer, not for the power situation, but on who to blame for these conditions. While the inaction of the previous DMK regime on the issue and Kudankulam protests emerged as favorites and hit the headlines in leading newspapers, Jagajaljeera Times looks at a few that did not quite make the cut.

‘Blame it on the Educational System says Cho Ramswamy’

There is something about this man that makes people (even Rajinikanth) take him seriously. We, at JT were no different and were all ears when the editor of Tughlak blamed it all on the educational system prevalent in the State. “As a nation progresses, the educational system needs to progress along. But we have taken a step back into Samacheer Kalvi. It is such a joke, you can call it Sama’jeer’ Kalvi” he vented out.

Quickly grasping that the conversation was going tangential to the smooth surfaces of the over-head area of the speaker, we did probe for further information. And that is when Mr. Cho came up with this gem putting an age old practice of remembering physics fundamentals to question. “Ohm’s law is a fundamental concept in electricity and our state lost the plot when the teacher’s taught the students to remember it as ‘Vegetarian = Iyer'”. “Such a gross generalization that takes the KFC chicken eating tambrahms out of the equation” he added. “What potential do you see for a state where the electrical engineers have no consideration for ‘current’ affairs in the community”, he questioned.

Such astute observations could have made headlines and trended in twitter if only someone had identified that Cho Ramswamy anagrams to “Awry ohm scam”. Wasted opportunity, really.

‘It is but a bizarre Japanese game!’ tweets Anand Ramachandran

In what has to be termed as a simple, yet wonderful theory, Anand Ramachandran attributed the power-cuts to an attempt by Nintendo to increase the sale of wii-series in Tamil Nadu. This piece of news could have made S.U.Saravanakumar more famous than Dr. UdhayaKumar, but sigh, the inactivity of @bigfatphoenix in the twitter circuits meant the news fizzled out after catching the eye of just a few of his very avid followers.

“Crazy, Manchester United followers are Crazy” tweets Venkatananth

This @venkatananth tweet surprised us. Quite unexpected from a Manchester United fan that. We approached him for further information and a short and sweet conversation later we had just one lingering thought in mind. “What is the premise for so many people in TN to support Manchester United when its Chelsea football club that has got Cole”. Valid point right? We do not have an answer for that question, but we do know that if there is someone who could do with some load shedding, it is R. Ashwin. That’s a different conversation altogether isn’t it.

“When I just thought I could leave you on that note, I am informed that Jayalalitha in a joint press conference with Sasikala has just attributed the entire problem in the state to “Generation gap” and mentioned that all is well if the old man of TN leaves the scene.”


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