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Love thy neighbour October 9, 2012

Posted by Mukundhan in Uncategorized.

First post in a possible series of personal anecdotes that might make their way to the Jagajaljeera Times.

Compulsory reading for anyone who has a pig, an aunt or a sense of humour” read the quote from Lindsey Davis on the cover of my companion of the day “Pigs have Wings” by PG Wodehouse.
The 170 odd minute boring journey that lay ahead seemed a little shorter as I pondered over the self-deprecation that am subjecting myself by reading that particular title aboard the flight. I also, went on to do, what most self-respecting men of my generation would do at such circumstances – updated Twitter and Facebook status before being rapped for not switching off the smart phone.

A certain meditation class that I attended as a kid had a board that read “Switch off from the routine and have a fresh sight of the surrounding”. (‘Deep’ for a kid, I know). Realized the meaning of the quote in the present context for I happened to notice an aunty, a bulky one at that, sitting next to me (Murphy, you genius) only after switching off the mobile. I thanked my lucky stars for there were no takers for the dreaded middle seat and three seats to handle the load of two, er two and a half (me being the half) was ok. The next half hour was spent reading the book, wondering if the first line of the book about the aunt and humour (see what I did there) has anything to do with this co-passenger sitting next to me, gazing at the seven stone diamond earning this co-passenger was wearing (posh!) and the solitaire game she was playing in her i-pad. I channeled my inner Sherlock to deduce this person to be an ex-government employee with a millionaire husband / an NRI kid.

All this energy spent on deductions stirred my hunger pangs and at this precise point is when the horror of the journey hit me. JET LITE SERVED NO FOOD ON-BOARD (they seemingly took the ‘Lite’ tag very seriously). Restless and angry, the mind raced at the sheer helplessness of the situation. It is at this exact juncture, a biscuit packet appeared out of nowhere like a mirage. Only after I pounced on the packet and gobbled down two biscuits, the mind cleared and the realization dawned on the source of the biscuits. (Common logic suggested that it had to be the aunty sitting next to me for I am no Robert Vadra to create something out of nothing, and even if I was, the creation would have to be a banana). As I turned towards her, she smiled and offered me two more biscuits and for this act of hers I am forever indebted.


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