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Ranganathan Street Conferred Padma Shri. WADA alleges doping scandal. October 24, 2012

Posted by Mukundhan in kaduppetharaan my laardu.

In a bizarre turn of events, the Government conferred the Padma Shri to the famous Ranganathan Street in Chennai. In a carefully released statement, the PMO office declared that the street has been conferred the title for the significance it holds in unifying the entire population of Chennai during the festive period. The State Government too appreciated the move and said that now Chennai could have its very own Vaikunta Ekadasi with the doors opening onto the Sorga Vaasal of Shri Ranganathan this Diwali.

The jubilation is expected to be short-lived however as WADA alleged doping scandal and declared the title null and void. “The street is an addiction and the cause for spread of Parkingsons (Common among sons brought as Chauffeurs to avoid parking hassles)  in the City” said a statement in the agencies website. “WADA PAVes the way” said a resident of the area with hopes of some reprieve. Some sections of the shopping crowd however were in strong objection and cried foul – a clear move by the North (WADA) Usman Road against South Usman Road” they said.

The traffic police, irrespective of the WADA decisions, have gotten onto their task of devising plans to regulate traffic in the area. The list below is a sample of the expected regulations this year:

1. Nalli, Pothys and Saravana Stores to be avoided:  Terming the three as the vertices of the Bermuda Triangle, where people get sucked in for just buying a certain type of shorts, people have been asked to express extreme caution while approaching these stores.

2. Push-carts to your door-step:  The police commissioner quickly shunned the online shopping debate and said shop-owners can bring clothes to the door-step of the consumer in push-carts – for old times sake. People however are skeptic for they feel “Push-cart owners are kada-thall mannars” and the safety of the city could be compromised.

3. Eat Healthy, Shop Easy: The only known way to reduce traffic in T.Nagar has been through Subways. So the local administration have signed up a few sub-way stores in the region. The multi-national outlet has also decided to take a few steps to localize its menu.  “We serve you the grandmother platter starting with our sub of the day – Aloo Paati” the store manager said.

It is all shaping up to be one cracker of a Diwali nonetheless 🙂 Happy shopping you all 🙂



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