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Consultancy Firm prepares Vision 2025 document for Test Cricket January 2, 2013

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A globally renowned consulting firm today released the Vision 2025 document outlining the broad strategic framework to save Test Cricket from its impending abyss. The publication was released today in a jazzy event organized by the BCCI, who at last seem to have realized the pressing need for the crumpled fabric of Test Cricket. Addressing the media on the context of the visioning exercise, BCCI chief N.Srinivasan said “Clearly you need seasoned consultants to resolve a format issue”.

The project head of the consulting firm said that the firms understanding of the ground realities and the translation of that into a pitch document, led to the project win. He further expressed his optimism on the success of the visioning exercise given the expertise that was roped. “We sourced retired professionals from the Tirupur factories because after-all Test Cricket was dyeing”, he chuckled before going on to state that the firm would play no role in implementation of the proposed recommendations in line with their company policy.

While this initiative to draw up a vision was welcomed, there was section of the crowd which questioned the means and decided to protest. They held up a banner: “BCCI wants consulting from 30000 Ft. Vlookup (not!)”. We gather the protestors are seeking legal help to declare the vision null and void. Apparently nothing can save test cricket like a solid defense.

Meanwhile, we learn from sources that ex-chancellor of Anna University, Mr. Balagurusami has been pretty vocal on the whole issue and recommends “Tests be renamed to exams” to improve seriousness and focus. Sema-stare wonly!!

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