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Breaking News: Director Mani Ratnam retires from all forms of film-making June 3, 2013

Posted by Mukundhan in kaduppetharaan my laardu, Padam aka Plim.

Renowned director / writer, Mani Ratnam has decided to call it quits bringing to an end a startling career that showed glimpses of light (often mistaken as the ray of hope) over a substantial dark period. Lauded as an intellect in the film circuits, it is fair to say it has been a steady and silent rise to fame for this director. A visibly distraught Mani made the official announcement today, but not before leaving the media in a quandary with his mono-syllable inaudible announcement. The suspense over the inaudible text were however put to rest by Suhasini who clarified that the reason for the exit was the differential treatment meted out to him by the knowledgeable Chennai crowd.

We at Jagajaljeera times have reasons to believe that the response of the Chennai junta to the Shiva Trilogy and the Fast & Furious 6 movie, both of which are in similar territory as Raavan, as drivers that instigated such a response from Suhasini. Our correspondent analyses the two movies and the book on various aspects:

The premise: Rescuing a damsel in distress / facing Stockholm syndrome


Theme: Modern Interpretation of an ancient theory


BBBCritical elements used

The reaction to the news evoked mixed responses, much like his movies. “The decision was imminent given the recent failures”, said Bharadwaj Rangan regretting not covering the aspect of retirement in his conversations with Mani. “However, the reason quoted is highly inappropriate. Blaming Chennai for his failings, what does he think this is? IPL??” he simmered. The tamil film industry decided to honour Mani’s contribution to the cinema by observing a moment’s silence and by re-christening the “Earth Hour” to “One Mani Hour”. The question “yen” by a curious incumbent in the audience was responded in unison with the answer “Deva”.

Quote / Unquote: “He fasts, he is furious and he should replace Jason Stathan in the next installment” – Anna Hazare Supporters



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