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Radia had connects with Japanese Corporates; Warned US of leaks – Sources December 2, 2010

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Nira Radia might have lost all her credibility with the recent incidents, but the US Government would have avoided the current diplomatic crisis had it paid heed to what she told them ages ago. In a sparking revelation, sources reported that Nira Radia had information about the leaks and she even warned the Pentagon about it and its possible ramifications. The Big-shot PRO’s source of information in this particular case is apparently from another one of her high flying clients, Japanese Video Game creators, Nintendo.

Could Katrina's "Sheela Ki Jawani" be the possible cause of leaks??!!

“Nintendo has the world’s most famous plumber in Mario, we know everything about leaks” commented a jubilant Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario. “The United States was badly hit by the Katrina Floods. All the water logging and seepages obviously causes leakages”, added A. Pattabirama who played all levels of Super Mario without cheat codes and ended up getting a score only enough to get him a Civil Engineering seat in a local college in Chennai.

In reponse tothe incidents, the White House and the Pentagon have been working together on a war footing to plug the leaks before it causes more damage. They have hired Indian based company M-Seal to help them with the process. “We are the best in the business. We are a little skeptical of competition from Radia though as we do hear their agenda: Radia TAPES wiki leaks”, commented a sales representative from the firm.

M – Seal, by the way, is not the only beneficiary in the entire issue. Sources say that the Wiki-leaks team have reached out to renowed internet wiz aXXo to create torrents of all contents in the web-page. “Lets rip em apart” commented aXXo in a forum post in Darkside_RG.

Ambassador + Pallava != Ambassador Pallava

There are talks of even hiring consultants to neatly format the contents of the web-page as there have been complaints about readability of the wiki-leaks content. “As part of this assignment, we would neatly convert the thousands of files into Arial, Size 10, 1.5 line spacing, bullet pointed and justified word documents. As a complimentary offer, we would also provide software to convert the docx format to Word 97- 2003 document format”, said a consultant as a summary to what was to be an elaborate 120 slide presentation. Hindustan Motors, however, were stuck in the other end of the spectrum. “The reputation of the ambassadors world-wide has taken a hit” lamented their chief spokeperson.   

Meanwhile, China, in its own typical fashion, has decided to close down “The Great Wall of China” afraid of leaks after the recent down-pour. The chinese government also prosecuted a journalist who took photographs of the civil works happening in the Great Wall and wrongly reported “Chinese wonder going under the hammer”. Mis-interpreting the reporter’s statement, eager to carry out addition subtraction tallying in the auction,  South Indian Actor Radha Ravi has also headed to China.

Word of the day:

Wren-o-vate: When Chinese Government rephrases/ alters verbal communications in line with Wren & Martin Grammar rules