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Al Gore & Trigonometry September 10, 2010

Posted by Mukundhan in Aachaaram & Abachaaram, Kanakku (yeah the math too!!).
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When India was under British rule, down south, Veda classes were taught in English. One such class was presided over by Mr. Gore, Great great Grandfather of Mr. Al Gore (It is believed that, in an attempt to standardise names in the family and to avoid Gore Jr, Gore the Second and things like that, theye made them All Gore…Anyway, not relevant to this trivia). The veda taught in that particular class was Rig Veda. A bright young boy from an orthodox family had a doubt with English translations. He asked the question : Is Sin = Theeta. This incident is believed to have created waves (which later came to be known as the sinusoidal waves) and is the birth of tRIGonometry.

As Gore presided over the class, he was called the father of Trigonometry and the most important theorem in the subject was named after him “Pytha-Gore’s” theorem 🙂 (Father – Gore’s theorem for the linguistically challenged)