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Ritchie street trader disrupts ammavasai tharpanam July 25, 2011

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The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and the traders from Ritchie Street are at loggerheads. The row apparently started after Panchapakesan, an employee of ICAI was treated with disdain by a trader from Ritchie Street who sent Onion and ALU Chips during ammavasai tharpanam.

“Vedic principles when not carried out the way they are defined results in a sin-tax error” said the auditor returning after filing a case under section 153A of the Indian Penal Code against the trader. “I wanted to stop this religious discrimination. But god, filing a case is a TDS process” he added. The reason for the rage, the sources say, is the prevalent belief among the traders that the Brahmins in ICAI are the prime cause for the increase in the VAT rates announced. “After-all, they are VAThima” said an agitated trader whose business of selling ready-made projects to engineering graduates has taken a beating thanks to increased prices of electronic goods. “VAT the eff…So why dint the take on the Christians and the VATican then??!!” questioned an Ahobila Matt professor extending support to the people in his agraharam. “These guys must be A-wit-ta nakshatram. They talk funny. #Whattay” tweeted Crazy Mohan. He also extended support to Suresh Kalmadi who is suffering from dementia and intended to bury their differences over the commonwealth games.

“Did you say Chartered Accountants at loggerheads? That’s Priori in-CA-ntatem right?” chuckled an articled assistant, who used all this diversion to sneak to Satyam to catch up with the latest and the last HP movie. “Hope they scrap the CA exam” grunted another student still recovering from a failure in the recently released CA results. “I have been tracking Sachin’s Form ever since he was 16, been tracking the injuries and the players filing for return tickets and continuously play call of (import / export) duty. But I still haven’t worked out a way to clear the Direct Tax paper” he added without much ado.

All in the good books!!

In Related News: The producers of the latest Vikram movie, Deivathirumagal, have been issued a notice by the IT department for changing the gender of the movie title in the last minute to get tax rebates.

In other news: Renowned numerologist, Dr Sai R Arul Murugan, has advised Sachin to purchase the German automobile during the Audi-sale in South India, to get that 100th century that has been eluding him.


Sachin Tendulkar buys Villa, angered Perez fires Jose Mourinho November 2, 2010

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In what has become a routine in the club, Real Madrid F.C President Florentino Perez has decided to fire the club’s manager, Mr. Jose Mourinho. Though things like this are not unprecedented in the club, the reason quoted by the club for Mourinho’s exit has confused many. “The board is extremely displeased by the manager’s inability to buy Villa”, said a designated spokesman of the board.

Sources believe that this frantic behaviour is a gross misunderstanding of the actions of the Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar, who recently bought a villa near Ahmedabad. Perez though still seems to be in denial of his mistake and stood by his decision. “Mourinho should have sensed it when Sachin expressed his support to Spain in the World Cup Finals. This is a total let down” he said. He later went on to fire his scout for not having put Sachin Tendulkar in the transfer shortlist. “Any player whose market value is close to several millions, has a celebrity status and a threshold twitter following has to don the Real Madrid colours” he said making his intentions clear to his support staff.

A Real Madrid player points his fore-finger to the eye, clearly indicating that Jose Mourinho lacked the foresight!!

Sachin Tendulkar laughed out at the whole fiasco. “I would obviously have loved to have him here in India. Could have learnt what it takes to be in a world cup winning team” said the modest ace cricketer still showing his zeal to learn at every opportunity. David Villa also took the incident at a light vein but showered his praises for the ace cricketer and said he would have loved to learn how Sachin pierced the offside. Jose Mourinho was busy throwing abuses at the Real Madrid board members and was unavailable for comment.

“This is downright stupid. It’s not even a transfer season” lamented Steve McMahon, ex Liverpool player nodding his head vigorously thinking of the stupidity of the assumption. His disagreement was cut short though by a caller from India. The caller went into details of how transfers can happen at anytime in the Indian Government Departments if you had the right influence and if you were from the favoured communities of the society. “Real Madrid is FC while Sachin Tendulkar is ST. Hence the preferential treatment”, he said, summing up the reservation system in the country.

Titbits from South India:

Director Vishnuvardhan disappointed as he expected the news to be true and Villa to make a special appearance in Billa 2.

Villa tries emulating Billa in his screen test for Billa 2