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Will this Chennai Medical College student put a smile on Congress’ Face? June 16, 2011

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While Anna Hazare and the Congress still battle to build a consensus on the issues of the Lokpal Bill, a BDS fresher from Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai has added a new dimension to the bill. In a formal appeal signed by the association of “West Indies Supporters involved in Dentistry Occupation in Madras (WISDOM)”, the student has stressed that the following demands be met by the bill:

“Government to undertake measures to ensure perception equality towards MBBS and BDS students”.

While the MBBS students are considered the blue-eyed boys of the campus, we poor souls doing our BDS are only called when there is an issue with Bluetooth connectivity. This inequality has to stop argued the appeal.

“Dentists to be actively involved in Government decisions on the Sethusamudram Project”.
After all it’s a Route Canal issue. And Finally:

“Subash Ghai to direct a movie featuring dentist in a lead character” aimed at reducing the bias shown by the film makers towards
doctors and the sheer ignorance towards dentists. Ghai, with his dental roots was the single choice of for donning the role of the director given his dental roots.

“This new development has shifted the media focus from Ramdev to this little known student down south” mentioned a press reporter. While the reporters shot down a dozen questions on the relevance of the demands to the Lokpal Bill, the little known student from Chennai answered them with absolute ease. “How could you name it Lok-pal (ombudsman-teeth) and not have a section to address our teething issues?” he questioned. “Anna Hazare and Ramdev brush aside breakfast. We just ask you to brush before breakfast” he winked trying to garner support for his movement.

“It’s quite ap-pal-ling the state of education in our country today” mentioned Kapil Sibal in a media briefing. The CBI (Common Board exam Inspectors) have just mentioned to us that this student had missed his medical college seat as he had wrongly defined “Rape” in his Telugu examination and now this is just a selfish pursuit by the individual to force the government to support republicans in the process of re-defining rape so that he could make his cut with a re-evaluation” he said.

“All Pall-aana matters” chuckled a local news reporter.

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The Association WISDOM has filed a lawsuit suing HDFC Life Insurance as their tagline is more related to the Dentistry.