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TN Government imposes Section 144 to avoid bulk booking of Endhiran Tickets September 25, 2010

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In what has to be termed as the most bizarre act of law enforcement, the TN Government has imposed Section 144 in the State quoting public unrest as the reason. The actual motive behind this move though, seems to be a desperate attempt by the politicians to reduce bulk booking of Endhiran Ticket and get first day first show tickets for them and their families.

THE HINDU Editorial Section carried articles elucidating how stopping bulk booking is a desperate move that would just delay the inevitable “Houseful” shows”. “M.K. Stallin(g)” chuckled N.Ram taking a dig at the ruling family in the state.

Narayana Murthy finds himself an appropriate location to get a view of the Movie Screen in the company's Training Facility

Narayana Murthy has blamed the government for not letting Infosys provide solution to the issue. “The Infosys employees handle so many tickets all around the year. We would have co-ordinated this really well had we been given that opportunity” he said. Nanden Nilekani, who had planned to distribute UID cards along with the movie tickets, sulked into depression after the TN Government’s ruling. “No one other than Rajini can give you better penetration into the masses” he said, quickly adding an addendum “No pun intended” after receiving a missed called from Mrs. Latha Rajinikanth.

“An ex-conductor who cannot provide tickets now is an insulator (bad conductor)” said an unhappy Electrical Engineering Student. His fellow friend from the Computer Science Department though was keener on analysing how Rajini introduced “Gates” in “Aboorva Raagangal”, “Cyclic Redundancy” in “Annamalai” and “Economic Crisis” in Sivaji, much before these terms came into normal parlance.

K.Balachander with his visual explanation to Cyclic Redundancy

Meanwhile in an act of domestic violence, actor Dhanush has been arrested for demanding Endhiran ticket as dowry from his superstar father-in–law. This act of violence also implied that Director Shankar violated the first law of Robotics A robot may not allow a human being to come to harm” thereby leading to his arrest too. The saviour for these two celebrities, it’s said is none other than Big B himself who posted for their bail. “I did it for Aishwarya” he said. “Getting their parole sanctioned has been more satisfying than getting the national award for the pa-role” he added.

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Let the frenzy continue…