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If you go fast means you will meet with accident only! August 20, 2011

Posted by Mukundhan in Jaago Re, Local Tea Party.
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All you media people, you only know to roam with camera, mike and talk in irritating tone man. Leave the poor people of the country alone no. Simply putting hype only you are about all current affairs and making poor people go hungry and all. Arey, you cannot keep track of you mobile bill also, what you talking of Lokpal bill and all, tell? What, you think you only
know what is best for the country ah? You tell us to support something means we have to follow is it? Report sensibly no man.

And you people following them, in school and college only you used to participate in irrelevant events to bunk class. What you think by participating in the support rallies and all, you can bunk office work also is it. Grow up yaar. Yes, you would have watched Actor Visu equate old people saying to lord Vishnu saying and all, but that does not mean you have to blindly follow yaar. For that matter, your parents also old people only. You always following what they saying ah? Amma says eat healthy and all. Do you listen? No, instead you people go and sit in some fast. What you think if you don’t eat, it’s a big thing is it? If you go fast means you will meet with accident only. You will be safe only if you break fast, you know that ah? Listen to your amma pa. In this part of the world, amma only has the final say u know.

Boss, big big words you talk about corruption. You simply keep typing support chants and flood my timeline and Facebook page and all with brain-washing videos. Torture only. What if Jan Lokpal bill comes means things will become alright is it? Nothing is going to happen only. You first tell whether you will escape by paying cops for not having licence or you will file case in court and pay correctly. Tell?

Boss, you people are very irresponsible man. An old man says he lost weight and all and you stand and clap hands. What rubbish. By losing weight he won’t become size zero Ftv model and all man. He will become ill. First understand that ok. Instead of blocking roads and forcing a curfew in city and all, go and do your work man. You will save the country from a lot of trouble.

For a sane take on the issue read http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/columns/sainath/article2110433.ece